Myrtle Beach Golf Association Basement

Myrtle Beach’s Worst Golf Courses and Lodging Properties

Regrettably, some Myrtle Beach golf courses and lodging properties come up very short in the “quality” and “service” departments, and the MBGA Basement is where you’ll find those courses and properties exposed. The MBGA Basement culminates from local knowledge, insider advisories, golfer research, and feedback from the golfers that stay in area lodging properties and play the 100.5 Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Myrtle Beach’s Worst Golf Courses

Our course rankings are based upon each course’s layout, playability, challenge, imagination, beauty, pricing, actual conditions (course, clubhouse, restrooms, cleanliness, etc.), practice facilities, pace-of-play, as well as the amount of development around the course and the quality of their, food and beverage facilities. Particular emphasis and consideration is placed upon the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at each course.

To date 22 Myrtle Beach area golf courses have closed. The vast majority of those courses could be found listed in the MBGA Basement prior to their closings. View Closed Courses

The most critical question that must be asked of and answered by every golf course in a resort destination, like Myrtle Beach, is, "Is playing this course worth the trip?" Why would a golfer invest his or her time, energy and hard-earned money, while traveling hundreds of miles, only to play a poor to mediocre track, especially when they can do that at home without any of the aggravation and at a fraction of the cost? That over-riding question, and the answers that the MBGA gets, is why the MBGA ratings bar is so much higher than any others.

All golf course information is updated as quickly as new data becomes available to the Myrtle Beach Golf Association. The ratings and rankings, however, take longer because they are based upon the feedback of the traveling golfers.

Since we cannot totally rely on fast information from the traveling golfers, who e-mail their feedback upon returning home, we have recruited 40+ local golf industry “insiders” who work hard to keep MBGA.COM up-to-date.

Whereas the Myrtle Beach Golf Association is only concerned with "current conditions," it is imperative that any submissions be dated, detailed and sent to immediately after the issue of concern occurs. Please include a telephone number in order to facilitate prompt follow ups.

Needless to say, since it takes a preponderance of evidence and verification before any up or down movements in the ratings can take place, the Basement and Player’s Top 25 rankings change rather slowly. Of course they are always revisited and corrected just prior to the annual Myrtle Beach Spring and Fall Golf Seasons.

While the Myrtle Beach Golf Association takes great pains to make sure that all golf course rankings, ratings, reviews and assessments are as current and as accurate as humanly possible. As all of the ratings, rankings, reviews and assessments are strictly the opinions of the MBGA and our contributors they are by their very nature subjective and should be considered as such.

Azalea Sands Golf Club star

This tired old girl is basically your standard municipal golf course. Despite some reworking in 2009, this 30-year old tract is pretty much the same as when it opened. It is fairly open, but there are enough trees to keep the place from feeling totally bare. There is plenty of… Read More »

Brierwood Golf Club star

This unimaginative golf course, designed by a doctor (does that tell you anything), was the first golf community in the South Brunswick Islands, of North Carolina. Brierwood is an old golf course that winds naturally through its coastal, pine forest setting and homes. It features broad fairways and small greens… Read More »

Carolina Shores Golf & Country Club star

Carolina Shores Golf & Country Club located in Calabash, North Carolina is what you might expect from a Tom Jackson design (the same designer of Arrowhead, River Club and River Oaks). Tree lined fairways and strategic water hazards with a demand on target placement on tee shots and approaches alike.… Read More »

Colonial Charters/Palmetto Greens star

This is Sarah Palin’s favorite golf course, because its the ultimate poster-course for “putting lipstick on a pig.” and it has had more openings than MacDonald’s in China! This most recent scaled-down reincarnation of the crappy dog track known as Colonial Charters Golf & Comedy Club, has been renamed to… Read More »

Cypress Bay Golf Club star

There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding this course. There is, or was at one time, a sales contract on it and it has been rezoned for development, but with the Myrtle Beach housing economy in the crapper, we expect this tired track to hang around for a while. This… Read More »

Eagle Nest Golf Club star

The eagle flew the coop in 1989, and now, while their recent upgrade to MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermuda greens was certainly an improvement, there really hasn’t been any real enhancement of the quality of the experience here. It features gently rolling terrain, tall pines lining the fairways, Cypress trees growing in… Read More »

Heron Point Golf Club star

While this track, not to be confused with the excellent Pete Dye track by the same name on Hilton Head Island, had some brief improvement in conditions and their customer service, elevating it to, at best, mediocre, and their greens tend to be suspect. This course winds through a pine… Read More »

Lockwood Folly Countrty Club star

Built on the site of a century-old seaside hunting preserve, this course is bordered by the Lockwood Folly River and the Intracoastal Waterway. It features tree-lined, non-parallel fairways, views of tidal estuaries, moss covered hardwoods, pines and more than a dozen holes that bring water into play. After getting favorable… Read More »

Palmetto Greens Golf & Country Club star

This is Sarah Palin’s favorite golf course, because its the ultimate poster-course for “putting lipstick on a pig.” and it has had more openings than MacDonald’s in China! This most recent scaled-down reincarnation of the crappy dog track known as Colonial Charters Golf & Comedy Club, has been renamed to… Read More »

Valley at Eastport Golf Club star

This little course, originally simply named Eastport, while blessed with naturally undulating terrain along the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway, was closed in January 2007. Then, after an unsuccessful attempt at development, it reopened with a new name and only a minimum capital investment, so it leaves much to be desired. The… Read More »

Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club star

Built on a pre-Civil War rice plantation, located on the Black River in Georgetown, South Carolina, this is the southern-most golf course in the Myrtle Beach area. It languished for years, then finally closed in December 2008. Well, they couldn’t keep the old girl down. New risk-takers stepped up, and… Read More »

Whispering Pines Golf Course star

The City of Myrtle Beach took over the operation of this typical military base golf course when the Air Force flew the coop in 1993, and it appears that they haven’t spent a dime on it since then. From the Federal Government to local government, now that’s a real recipe… Read More »

Myrtle Beach’s Worst Lodging Properties

In the opinion of the Myrtle Beach Golf Association the following Myrtle Beach resorts, hotels, motels, condominiums and rental properties are considered to be unacceptable choices for golf vacations, golf packages and other lodging-related stays.  

While dirty facilities – especially guest rooms - and horrible guest services are the two main areas of concern, other factors that also impact the MBGA’s assessments include on-property crime, health issues, age of the property, bait and switch pricing, under-handed refund policies, questionable advertising and accounting practices, parking problems, food service issues, maintenance problems, mismanagement, or in some cases the owners or management are simply sleazy characters.  

While the Myrtle Beach Golf Association takes great pains to make sure that all lodging assessments are as current, and as accurate as humanly possible, all of the MBGA assessments are strictly the opinions of the Myrtle Beach Golf Association and are by their very nature subjective and should always be considered as such.

“Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware!”

Voice Your Opinions Today on the “Worst”  Myrtle Beach Lodging Properties!

It makes no difference whether you are a regular visitor to our area, or a first-timer, we encourage you to cast your ballots for your own nominees for the MBGA Basement lodging properties. You know, those crummy Myrtle Beach fleabags that you wouldn’t want your fellow golfers to get stuck staying in?

Simply send those “rat traps” to the Myrtle Beach Golf Association at and we will consider them for inclusion in the dreaded MBGA Basement. Again, please provide detailed information along with any comments and any other feedback, which you may deem helpful.